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Maintaining an IT network can be expensive. High-priced IT staff, skyrocketing service costs, complex monitoring equipment – it all adds up. Factor these expenses into your Total Cost of Ownership and your IT system can have a significant impact on your business overhead.


Lower your IT overhead


We believe in keeping IT costs under control. TWNC has the expertise to maintain your network efficiently and cost-effectively. Our IT service options let you choose the level of support that's right for your business and budget. We'll help you customize a service package that will deliver bottom-line savings and keep your system operating at optimal levels of performance and availability. 



Maximize your IT investment with TWNC's professional service options:



IT Outsourcing



Remote and local systems monitoring



Emergency service



IT Outsourcing


Don't burden your budget with expensive IT salaries and benefit packages. Let TWNC be your IT department. Our highly-skilled technologists can handle all your system management responsibilities. Choose a full-time or part-time option and pay only for the support you need, when you need it.


When you choose TWNC outsourcing, your business will profit from the best practices and proven management techniques of our expert technical team. We'll work on-site to keep your system performing at peak functionality and respond quickly to any service issues. We'll take responsibility for maintaining your network and applications, so that you can focus on more important business priorities.


IT outsourcing will streamline your business operations and give you the added benefits of:
  • Lower IT overhead costs
  • Fewer security risks
  • Consistent system performance and stability
  • Rapid response to system disruptions
  • Strategic IT support to meet your business goals and objectives

So don't wrestle with the headaches of IT management. Leave the job to us and enjoy the freedom of a high-performance, worry-free network.


Remote and local systems monitoring


When it comes to IT, a small investment in problem-solving goes a long way. Our TWNC monitoring services are ideally suited to businesses looking for pro-active IT management. We know you can't afford communication bottlenecks or system failures, so we work aggressively to anticipate and solve problems before they disrupt your business.


We use sophisticated software suites to oversee the health of your system and protect your critical intellectual property from unforeseen disasters. Our advanced tracking systems have been carefully designed to:

  • Monitor performance trends and application availability
  • Warn of impending system problems or failures
  • Facilitate rapid diagnosis and system recovery
  • Automate maintenance functions for improved performance and stability
  • Reduce labour and service costs

TWNC systems monitoring protects your business. We'll keep your network, applications and servers up and running at peak efficiency. And if disaster does strike, we'll facilitate a rapid recovery. Our advanced monitoring service is the key to a stable, well-managed and productive IT network.


Emergency service


In our fast-paced digital world, every second you spend waiting for IT service costs you money. Continuity is crucial to your business productivity, so we developed a comprehensive emergency service program to protect you from downtime risks. Our 24/7 service option gives you the confidence to build your business, knowing you're fully supported by the experts at TWNC.


If you run into a system problem, don't worry – we'll be there.


TWNC 24/7 service – a solid investment in peace-of-mind


Worried about your network security?


TWNC provides a wide range of sophisticated security options to protect against network threats and attacks.


Make smart decisions about your technology.


TWNC system analysis and design services can help you optimize business operations and reduce system inefficiencies. Let our professional technologists help you build an IT system to support all your business goals.