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Jeffrey Butt


Jeff is as passionate about computers as he is about hockey. Maybe even as passionate as he is about golf – although that might be stretching things a bit. After all, there's not much that can compare with a good game of golf!


In the fast-paced world of sport, Jeff is a skilled competitor and formidable opponent. Fortunately for his clients, Jeff brings the same level of finesse and determination to the IT arena as he does to the playing fields. Highly analytical and intensely focused, he's a born problem-solver. There's no IT challenge too complex for Jeff to tackle - he prides himself on being the 'go to' guy for all things technical. Outgoing and personable, he's also the public face of TWNC. Clients trust his direct, 'shoot-from-the-hip' approach. If you want an honest answer - you'll get it from Jeff. Responsible for developing new business areas for TWNC, Jeff is the mastermind behind TWNC's innovative Hosted Network service and an industry expert in Microsoft-based technologies. If you're in the hunt for a win, Jeff's the guy you want on your team.


At the end of a busy week, Jeff plays as hard as he works. A rousing game of golf is his favourite form of relaxation but he's equally happy mixing it up in the hockey arena or hiking through the fields with his family and dog. Devoted to his two young daughters, Jeff considers fatherhood his proudest accomplishment.



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