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Mike Brisson

Support Technologist

Mike is a born trouble-shooter. He has an innate ability to track IT problems to their source and design elegant, purpose-built solutions that enhance system performance and functionality. “I’ve always been able to think outside the box,” he explains. “When I’m faced with a challenge, I look beyond what I already know to find new and innovative ways to get the job done.”


Mike’s fascination with computers started early. By the age of 14, he had built and programmed his own computer – and regularly broke it just for the fun of learning how to fix it! He naturally gravitated to a career in IT and started working in a fast-paced corporate environment, where he sharpened his skills by providing technical support for leading-edge systems across a range of industries.


With his extensive work experience and versatile skill set, Mike is a vital resource for TWNC. Combining his technical wizardry with strong communication skills, he has all the tools to put clients at ease, even in the most challenging situations. He is also a self-taught expert at renovating houses and his deep knowledge of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems has proven invaluable in helping TWNC seamlessly integrate IT infrastructure into existing buildings.


Mike enjoys being part of the close-knit TWNC team. He appreciates having a more measured pace of work and the time to develop supportive relationships with TWNC clients. A family man with 2 young boys, Mike is happiest when he’s working with his hands and always has a renovation project on the go. He is also an avid computer gamer with an enviable collection of retro video games.



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