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Network Security


Safe. Secure. Private.


Malicious viruses. Professional hackers. Disgruntled employees.


Your business is constantly exposed to security threats and attacks. Some companies accept these security risks as the price of doing business. Others simply ignore the danger, thinking it can't possibly happen to them. But it can – and it will.


Powerful security protection


We can help you defend your system and protect your critical business assets. TWNC network security systems are among the best in the industry.


Our knowledgeable security specialists work closely with you to plan and implement a sound security strategy for your network. We'll identify areas of vulnerability and implement proven technologies to reduce your exposure to internal and external threats. No matter how complex your enterprise, you can be confident that a TWNC security system will protect you from revenue loss, data theft and network intrusion.



TWNC network security services:








Intrusion Detection and Prevention


Wireless Security


VPN Implementation


Minimizing human error


There's no disputing that network security is crucial for business success. But, an effective security system involves far more than sophisticated technology and advanced applications. Research indicates that 70% of all security risks are the result of human error.


Through years of experience, we've learned that the only way to prevent mistakes is to make security a top priority in your business. Our technical team will work with you to promote a security-oriented organizational culture. We'll help you:

  • Identify the source of potential security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Educate your staff about actions that compromise your security system
  • Develop detailed security policies and procedures
  • Establish compliance evaluations and accountability
  • Integrate security processes into daily operations and interactions
  • Ensure that the right information reaches the right people, as securely and reliably as possible

We know that the future of your company depends on a comprehensive, powerful approach to network security. Do business with confidence – rely on the TWNC advanced security solution.


Are you vulnerable to security threats? Get a TWNC system analysis today. We'll identify your system strengths and vulnerabilities and develop an IT plan for your future. Let us help you get the technology that's right for your business – at a price that fits your budget.