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Ryan Reid

Support Technologist

Ryan has been a competitive baseball player for most of his life. In fact, it was a baseball scholarship that led him to complete a BA in Computer Science, while playing as a starting pitcher on the Saginaw Valley State University baseball team in Michigan, USA.


Ryan’s competitive training instilled in him the characteristics that shape his work ethic and drive his commitment to TWNC clients. “I’m a strong team player and understand the importance of working together to get the job done,” he notes. “I’ve had years of experience thinking on my feet, problem-solving under pressure and persevering in the face of obstacles. I’m always learning new things and pushing myself to improve so that I can deliver the best results for our clients.”


Ryan’s interest in computers started young, just like his baseball career. An enthusiastic computer hobbyist, he has always been fascinated by the latest technologies and software. After completing his degree at Saginaw Valley, he returned to Canada to work for Blackberry, where he developed a well-rounded expertise in all aspects of IT services, from hardware and software installation to technical support and customer relations. With the dedication and focus born of years of intense competition, he stays on the leading edge of technological innovation, ensuring that TWNC clients always achieve peak performance.


Ryan’s enthusiasm for sport continues to be a driving force in his life. He plays baseball on a local men’s league in his spare time and recently added golf to his growing list of sports interests.



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