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Scott Downing

Support Technologist

Scott Downing attributes part of his success as an IT professional to his liberal arts degree in history – and part to his mom, who convinced him to learn to type at an early age! While his nimble typing skills are an asset at work and in his off-hours, it is Scott’s critical thinking skills that TWNC clients particularly value. 

“IT is a learning profession,” he remarks, “where everything changes quickly and you need to constantly learn new information and skills. My history degree taught me to think independently, to conduct a critical analysis and to draw my own conclusions about new ideas.” Combining those critical thinking skills with a 2-year program in IT Support Services at Conestoga College led Scott to an internship at TWNC, where he has worked ever since graduating in 2016.  


Scott understands how daunting IT technical language can be and emphasizes clear communication as the foundation for successful client relationships. He carefully assesses clients’ needs and provides detailed, user-friendly guidelines for them to follow. “I write with the client’s frame of reference in mind,” he explains, “and translate complex technical jargon into language they can understand.” TWNC clients appreciate Scott’s willingness to go the extra mile to help them understand their technology and the many ways it can enhance business productivity.


Scott is an avid computer gamer and often spends his evenings competing virtually with his friends. He and his wife are also enthusiastic cooks and love experimenting with new foods and discovering new wines and breweries in the Waterloo area and beyond.  




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