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Air Force 1

Air Force 1 Blow Off Systems

Jack Davidson, VP Sales

The client

Air Force 1 Blow off Systems is a Canadian company based out of Waterloo. We design and manufacture liquid neutralizing and cool down blow off systems for both heavy industry and the food and beverage industry. Our markets stretch anywhere from the Canadian to South American markets and in some cases to the European markets.


The challenge

We have 12 computer stations within our shop area and when a program or computer goes down, it affects all of us. Over the years, we've worked with several IT companies and consistently had problems getting an immediate response when something went wrong. We were never able to talk to a live person and always got an answering machine. An answering machine is not something I want to talk to when I've got a problem! We'd often have to wait two or three hours to get a response. It was very frustrating and it was actually costing us a great deal of money.


The TWNC solution

TWNC provides us with a Hosted Network service. The Hosted Network allows them to monitor all of our computer stations off-site. When we have a problem, all it takes is one phone call to reach their help desk - we're able to speak to an IT expert right away. In most instances, they can work with our computers off-site, from their facility, and within 5 minutes our problems are solved. That's very important to us because access to our programs is critical.


The TWNC advantage

TWNC has given all of our staff members’ peace of mind with regards to our computer operations. They've decreased our operating costs and improved our efficiency, both in the programs we use and the way our staff functions in the plant. The TWNC team is very professional, yet our working relationship is quite personal – they work with us as if they're a partner in our business. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service they provide for us.