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Patene Building Supplies

Patene Building Supplies

Drew Wilson, Controller

The client

Patene Building Supplies is a wholesale distributor of building materials in the masonry, wall and ceiling, and roofing areas. We have 12 locations in Ontario and Manitoba. We sell primarily to home builders and construction contractors.


The challenge

When we first started working with TWNC, Patene was definitely behind the times from a technology perspective. Email was very limited – I think only 5 people even had email in our company. None of our branches could communicate with each other. And the simple communication resources we did have were very, very slow. Without an effective communication tool, we were unable to service our customers, our home builders and our construction contractors the way we wanted to. We knew we needed to make a major change to catch up with our competitors.


The TWNC solution

TWNC took us from a painfully slow communication world to the point where all of our 12 branches can communicate with each other very easily. They introduced us to the concept of thin clients and showed us how it's both cost competitive from an upfront perspective and from a maintenance perspective. Since we started working with TWNC, our network has been highly reliable and we've been able to maintain our system with a very minimal support team.


The TWNC advantage

With TWNC's guidance, we now feel that we are the leader in our industry. We have a best-in-class solution, for the lowest possible upfront investment cost and the lowest possible maintenance and support cost. We've got a great relationship with TWNC. Whenever we put in a call, they're always responsive and they always solve our problem. We also sit down with TWNC on an annual basis and strategically go over new technologies, new developments and new projects that we're planning for the upcoming year. Jeff and his team seem to always be on top of the latest developments and technologies and always steer us in the right direction.