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Leigh D’Sylva

Support Technologist

Leigh D’Sylva brings a wealth of international expertise and experience to his clients at TWNC. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and numerous IT certifications under his belt, he draws on his finely honed analytical skills to optimize solutions for TWNC’s diverse clientele.


“Years of experience have taught me that things don’t always work as they say in text books,” he explains. “My ability to pivot quickly and think creatively helps me bring a fresh perspective to my work and get to the root of a problem quickly.”


Leigh started his career in the UK, where he worked for several years as a computer consultant for some of the world’s most respected banks, including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and the Industrial Bank of Japan. Today, he is an integral member of the TWNC team.  Leigh’s technical proficiency, reassuring manner and positive attitude inspire confidence in TWNC customers. He prides himself on providing personalized service, taking the time to build relationships and understand business priorities.


A man of many interests, Leigh is an avid pianist and shares a passion for gardening with his wife. They are also dedicated urban beekeepers, nurturing a growing collection of hives and producing delicious batches of honey that are highly anticipated by friends and co-workers.




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